Thank you for your interest in the Acton Democratic Town Committee. If you'd like to get more involved in our activities, we would be thrilled.  To be added our new mailing list, please click on THIS LINK.

ADTC respects your privacy. We will not share subscriber information with anyone outside ADTC.

The new mailing list – managed by MailChimp - fully replaces our old Acton Dems Yahoo list.  As with our old Yahoo list, the MailChimp list will be used sparingly and only for items of general interest to Acton area Democrats. In order to effectively manage membership and spam controls it does not provide a discussion forum and does not allow individual members to initiate emails. Email content is developed by the ADTC Chair and officers – and may include items requested by individual members. 

Member emails now have a "Member's Corner" section, so if you have a Democratic-related petition, candidate forum or event, or ballot initiative, please e-mail with a 1-2 sentence description, including a web link, that can included in the "Member's Corner".  Or if you simply want to make a suggestion, get in touch with the Acton Democratic Town Committee, or ask a question, please email us directly at

You can also like us on Facebook at Or get a PDF copy of our brochure by clicking here.