Allied Activities


Citizens hearing the Declaration of Independence on July 4 at the Concord Bridge

During these times, there are a variety of groups seeking to advance values and issues dear to all Democrats,  Here are several timely opportunities for active participation which have been forwarded to us by our members and friends:

Progressive Massachusetts -, which State Senator Jamie Eldridge helped to found.

HubDialer -, which allow volunteers to call others in communities with important races around the country.

Mothers Out Front -, which tracks gas leaks in our communities. Jude Aronstein (at is leading the Acton Mothers Out Front. 

MoveOn Texting - which facilitate volunteer texting to friendly voters for key issues and races across the country.  Once you get how to do it, it’s quick and effective.

IndivisibleActon - which offers participation in several Acton issues, as part of the broader Action Network.

Activist Alliance - which organizes around  supporting immigrants and minorities and environmental issues.