Current members of the Acton Democratic Town Committee are listed below, with officeholders noted in bold text. Most members were elected in the March 1, 2016 Presidential Primary; others are elected by the committee at regular meetings of the Town Committee. An asterisk (*) after the name indicates a 20 year member.

We welcome new members at any time. In addition to the 20 year members, we are allowed up to 35 elected Members, plus an unlimited number of Associate Members. For more information contact any of the officers or e-mail

 Ellen Valade, Chair

Adrian Hancock, Vice-Chair

Bob Ferrara *, Recording Secretary

Meg Reed, Treasurer

Brigid Brady, Publicity Chair

David Keeler *, Labor Representative

Clare Siska, Webmaster

Linda Blanco

Monica Burke

Ginny Dow

James Eldridge, State Senator and Democratic State Committee member

Carole Enright

Deena Ferrara *

Lauren Friedman

Tami Gouveia

Katie Green

Judy Hodge

Greg Jarboe *

Julia Johnston

Karen Killoy

Ben Lieberman

Miriam Lezak

Matt Liebman

Andy Magee

Susan Mitchell-Hardt

Bill Mullin

Maryann Mullin

Coleen Phillimore

Pam Resor *, former State Senator

Molly Hardy Romer

Bill Romer

Bob Sekuler

Debra Simes

Janet Thrope

Robert Van Meter III

Linda Vieira

Nancy Waters

Joris Wils